Supporting participants

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Once a person has gained access to the NDIS, they may need help to get their NDIS plan started, and to implement their chosen supports.


After being granted access to the NDIS, the participant will need to prepare for their first planning meeting. In the planning meeting, they will meet with an NDIS representative to talk about their needs - from this meeting, the person's NDIS plan will be developed. Therefore, it makes sense for the person to be well prepared for the meeting - to know what their goals are and what kinds of supports they want from the NDIS.

To learn about supporting someone in the leadup to their planning meeting, check out our Preparing for NDIS planning meetings online training module. You can use the Reimagine My Life workbook or the NDIS planning booklet to record the details of the pre-planning process.

You might also find our Reasonable and necessary in the NDIS training module useful, to get an idea of what the NDIS will and won't fund.

Plan implementation

Once a participant has an NDIS plan in place, a range of people may support them in various ways. For example an LAC or support coordinator funded from their plan.

On this page you can find a range of resources to help you support someone once they are an NDIS participant.

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