NDIS and mental health

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government scheme which aims to improve the lives of people living with disability.

It provides eligible people (known as participants) with budget (known as an NDIS plan) to use on services and supports which will help them achieve their goals for independence and to participate in the community and in employment.

People who have a permanent disability that substantially reduces their capacity to undertake regular daily activities may be eligible for the NDIS - this includes serious mental health conditions (psychosocial disability). Around 10% of NDIS participants have a psychosocial disability.

People with psychosocial disability often talk about mental health recovery - this is not clinical recovery (the absence of symptoms), but rather the goal of re-establishing self-esteem and living a contributing life, despite their mental health condition. The NDIS helps people to work towards mental health recovery, by offering services and supports to help them participate in the community.

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